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Slashy Heroes 15

15 prompts for slashy Heroes fanfic

15 prompts for slashy Heroes fic
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This journal may contain fictional portrayals of things that may be illegal. These are works of fiction only and do not in any way indicate that I or the members encourage these activities. We do not express interest in participating in them in real life, and are not soliciting, or encouraging any illegal activity.

Welcome to SlashyHeroes15, one of those writing communities based on the many, many others out there that have a set number of prompts and allow claims. I am NOT the original creator of any of those, and actually have no idea who started them, but this is my own take on them. I decided that 100 prompts is too difficult (more power to those who can actually accomplish it -- it's a huge achievement, and my hat is off to you!), and decided 15's a nice number.

I write slash as a rule. Even when I write genfic, it's slash. This is slashy Heroes 15 and that means it's slash-friendly and femslash-friendly. There does not have to be any graphic description of sex in any of your fics [although it's encouraged in responses to prompt number 12 ;) ], but please keep the primary romantic/sexual relationships in your fics slashy. Het is allowed as a secondary relationship, and if you claim a single character, you can get away with doing most of the fics without any romantic/sexual relationship [again, prompt 12 might be a bit tough to do that with] if you feel like it.

This comm is Petrellicest friendly -- if you don't like that, don't join. Don't flame us because it will just make me annoyed. If you don't like fictional incest, don't lecture me on how the real thing is bad. Just don't. ETA: Petrellicest will only be accepted if the characters involved are both over the age of 18 -- there are current developments regarding certain subject matter on LJ, and I want to play it safe. Suffice it to say, this will keep me from posting my Peter's first time with Nathan as Peter was only 17...


1. All fic must be posted under a cut and with a header that contains at least the following (you can cut and paste this text and use it for your header to make it easier!):

If you wish, you may post the fic itself on your own LJ and just post the header and a link on the comm, but please do at least that much on the comm itself.

2. NO flaming! First offense (if minor) will get you warned, and if you do it again, you are banned. If your first offense is a major one, I will ban you right away. Respect your fellow members -- not everyone will like what you like, and you will not like everything your fellow members like. This is a slash-friendly, femslash-friendly, and Petrellicest friendly community. If you do not like that, do not be here!

3. We're going to start this out allowing multiple people to claim the same pairing or character. If that becomes unwieldy, it may be changed, but for now, it's unlimited. Adversarial pairings are allowed (for example, Sylar/Peter or future!Parkman/future!Bennet). Threesomes or moresomes can exist in fics, but not as claimed 'pairings' -- let's not make me completely nuts :) AU's are welcome!

4. Please no RPF (Real Person Fic) for now -- there are more than enough characters and pairings in the show itself to give heaps of options without having to deal with the actors too.

5. Stories posted can have any rating, and even though there are different rating systems in different countries, I'm familiar with the US ones because I live here. Please use the MPAA ratings and keep in mind they refer to more than just sex!

6. You MUST warn for the following elements: spoilers, rape, pedophilia, non-con, graphic violence, scat, golden showers, necrophilia. I do NOT require a warning for consensual BDSM, but please exercise your own discretion regarding warnings. ALL characters involved in any sexual relationships must be at least 18 years of age.

7. Minimum word count is a Drabble (100 words exactly). Maximum is unlimited.

8. Please only take one claim at a time -- I'll be the first to admit I'm new to this and will get very confused otherwise! Thanks!

9. You may freely interpret the prompts -- as long as there's some tie to the idea itself, I will probably allow it. For example, prompt 9 is "Elements" -- this could be chemical elements, the elements in various magical systems, being out in "the elements" (i.e out in the weather), etc..

10. Have fun -- this is a really, seriously low pressure comm. I'm one of the slowest writers around, and I'm not about to rush anyone else! There is no time limit (although if you go for an extended period of time without completing a prompt, I might ask if you're still interested), and no penalty for taking a long time.

11. When you request a claim on the claim post, make a post on your own LJ with the table below. Once I respond to your claim comment saying you've got it, give me the URL for your table post so I can link to it in the List of Claims.

001.Fight. 002.Blood. 003.Fear. 004.Dream. 005.Triumph.
006.Control. 007.Broken. 008.Pain. 009.Elements. 010.Fantasy.
011.Playful. 012.Smut. 013.Family. 014.Love. 015.Writer's Choice.

For a version you can copy and paste in your own LJ, use this: